General contact

You feedback is welcomed - both when it comes to the content and the website engine itself. Following address is for general, unlimited use, except adverts, spam etc.

Reusing and other business

If you wish to contact contact me about photo(s) reuse, include answers to the following questions and contact me using the e-mail address below:

  1. What photo/which photos you want to use?
    Links, please, not attachments.
  2. What would be the use?
  3. Is it commercial or private use?
    If not answered in the second question. By commercial I mean uses which directly help you earn, like using image on the company website. Private use on services that forces commercial use, like Facebook, Twitter or Wikipedia, counts as private use.
  4. On which terms?
    If you are NGO or alike, you can request open license. For strictly commercial uses open licenses aren't available.

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