Early autumn 2017 in Poland

• 19 photos

The fall is coming and I just a gift from a friend - Canon 50 mm lens. This gallery shows first three days with that lens (and sometimes with Raynox DCR-250 macro converter).

Sunset above the Bielszowice coal mine

• 3 photos

Three stages of the beautiful, industrial sunset above the Silesian coal mine Bielszowice (KWK Bielszowice) in Ruda Śląska. Photos were taken from Katowice, about 15 kilometers away.

A closer look on Polish spring, 2017

• 32 photos

Photos taken in Katowice, Poland in early spring, i.e. April 2017. They were mostly taken using macro converter, so brace for close-ups.

The summer meadow (2016)

• 11 photos

Macro session which took place in 19th April 2016 on the meadows of Ligota, Katowice (Poland).

Live nativity scene in Katowice-Panewniki, Poland (2017)

• 18 photos

The traditional live nativity scene which takes place in the Katowice-Panewniki in the monastery of Franciscans.

Fireworks in Katowice, Poland (2017)

• 29 photos

Photos of fireworks I was taking since first seconds of new year for about 15 minutes, when the low temperature won.

Butterflies of Central Europe

• 25 photos

Random photos of butterflies I've took in Central Europe. The first gallery on this website - dedicated to person who made this gallery and my photography passion possible - M.

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