Thanks and credits

Decoration - two llamas in love

All photos are made by me, same with website engine, but many people helped or inspired me. If I forgot any of you, don't feel bad - just contact me, please.

Thanks list

  • M. for her help, inspiration and most of all - giving me the reason
  • Lisek for her sincereness, smile, superior understanding, and most of all - trust and support beyond imagination.
  • Friends for their help and support, including, but not limited to:
  • Authors of websites and software:
    • ExifTool by Phil Harvey - not only great software, but also an amazing knowlegde base and helpful users, including Phil himself, of bulletin board
    • by Danack - as IMagick is so poorly documented on the original website, I had to use third-party website. In this case I was happy I found this one. My main knowledge source with sandbox for every function. Amazing work and help for others, mr. Danack.
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