Let me be captialist!

Let's be serious. I ask for your donations, because photography costs. Programming gallery and hosting it costs. Cigars costs. Maintenance of my do-it-yourself monocle costs.

This gallery is and will be free. Even more - I'm going to release at least part photos as open content, so you could use photos commercially. Yet your donation would be very helpful in providing even more content. That's simple - when somebody pays you, you feel urge to do even more.

For now only I accept donations only by PayPal, yet you can do it using your credit card using safe system. If you want to donate me other way, contact me, please. If you are undecided and my answers would help make your mind, feel free to ask about anything.

PayPal donations:

The recommended value of donation is 10 EUR, but I'll be grateful for any donation. If you want, you can leave your e-mail address in optional message field, so I could thank you personally.

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