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First-party cookies

Following cookies and tracing systems are used internally for technical and statistical purposes. They will be never sold, given to any third-party.

  1. Session cookies - used in purely technical purposes like logging in or providing better navigation
  2. Piwik - partially anonimized use statistics kept solely by the author
  3. other cookies - technical purposes, like remembering that you've read this webpage, so website won't bug you anymore

Third party cookies

  1. Google AdSense - used by Google mostly to help advertising system. See Google Privacy Policy
  2. AddToAny - used for sharing content in social services; they have very strict and safe privacy policy and it's much safer than any first-party social service AddToAny Privacy Policy

Author's use of cookies

  1. To smile
  2. When hunger makes Krzysiu aggressive
  3. Because everybody loves cookies and if somebody don't, it's very suspicious
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