The summer meadow (2016)

• 11 photos

Macro session which took place in 19th April 2016 on the meadows of Ligota, Katowice (Poland).

Unidentified black butterfly.
Black butterfly
Very cute and funny green bug on the sprout.
Green bug on the sprout
The seed of  common dandelion  ( taraxacum officinale ), also known as  Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia   .
The seed of taraxacum officinale
Unidentified spider on the leaf.
Fluffy spider on the leaf
Cute bug on the sprout. See also the photo of the same bug:  Bug hiding behind the sprout .
The cute yet flat bug
The red larva (?) on the decaying leaves, next to anthill.
Red larva on the decaying leaves
Little, cute, yet not fluffy spider checking out the neighborhood.
Spider on the decaying leaf
Unidentified bug hiding behind the sprout. See also  The cute yet flat bug .
Bug hiding behind the sprout
Closeup of young sprout, probably unidentified forever.
Closeup of young sprout
Unidentified black bug with white spots on the sprout.
Black bug with white spots
 Seven-spot ladybird  ( Coccinella septempunctata ) on the leaf. In Polish there's alternative name for this bug:  God's little cow . For me that's more pig than cow.  Oink oink . Hear that? It's the pig, alright.
Seven-spot ladybird on the leaf
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