Result photos
I find it very cute - the bug and the butterfly met on the flower. I couldn't find what kind of butterfly is that one.
Meeting of butterfly and bug
The back side of  Siberian squill  ( Scilla siberica ) flower.
Siberian squill - flower
 Ivy-leaved speedwell  ( Veronica hederifolia ).
Ivy-leaved speedwell closeup
Closeup of unknown flowers on the bush
Red flowers blossom on the bush
Unknown red fruit on the tree
Closeup of  lesser periwinkle  ( Vinca minor ), also known as  Dwarf periwinkle ,  Small periwinkle ,  Common periwinkle ,  Creeping myrtle , and  Myrtle .
Closeup of lesser periwinkle
Blossoming flower of  mirabelle plum  ( Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca ), also known as  mirabelle prune   .
Blossoming flower of mirabelle plum
Melanargia galathea
Two Melanargia galathea
One of them was on the grass, while other one tried to either attack it or take place. There were a few such attempts and every time it happened, the attacked butterfly was raising its body, as you can see.
Two Melanargia galathea fighting
Meeting of three Melanargia galathea
Melanargia galathea on the pink flower
 Hyponephele lycaon  ( dusky meadow brown )
Hyponephele lycaon
 Hyponephele lycaon  ( dusky meadow brown ) on the  Tripleurospermum inodorum  ( scentless false mayweed ,  scentless mayweed ,  scentless chamomile ,  wild chamomile ,  mayweed ,  false chamomile ,  Baldr's brow )
Hyponephele lycaon on the Tripleurospermum inodorum
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