Result photos
Amazingly beautiful flower. I'm not sure, but my field observation shows that it might be  different stage of this (also beautiful) flower .
White flower with pink and purple stamen
Very tiny mushroom (less than half of inch height!) on the meadow made of the moss.
Tiny mushroom in the tiny world
Warm photo of unknown, orange flower with very interesting petals.
Unknown orange flower
Close-up of  brown knapweed  ( Centaurea jacea ), also known as  brownray knapweed .
Close-up of brown knapweed
The non-native, decorative closeup of dark green/orange hairy grass seeds... Or however you call these fins of grass :)
Close-up of decorative grass seeds
Unknown red fruit on the tree
Red leaves sprouts on the tree
Dream-alike reddish/brownish moss.
Dream-alike brown moss
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