Result photos
The  staghorn sumac  ( Rhus typhina  syn.  R. hirta ) is changing its colors - every shade from green to deep, dark red. The colder, leaves only, but still colorful photo from the same session  can be found here .
All shades of the staghorn sumac
The leaves of the  staghorn sumac  ( Rhus typhina  syn.  R. hirta ) are changing colors during the early autumn. See also  the even more colorful photo taken during same photosession .
Staghorn sumac changing its color
Autumn intensifies! Yellow-oragne-greenish tree leaves lighted by a warm, late sun on the beautiful blue sky. How I wish it could be daily like that. It was 16°C (61°F) here, so quite hot as for such late season.
The autumn color punch
The big unidentified tree turns yellow.  I had to stand about 40 meters away from it and still I had to take 6 photos.
The old great tree
Unknown lichen on the tree
Unknown red fruit on the tree
Blossoming flower of  mirabelle plum  ( Prunus domestica subsp. syriaca ), also known as  mirabelle prune   .
Blossoming flower of mirabelle plum
Red leaves sprouts on the tree
Sprout of  grey willow  ( Salix cinerea ), also known as  Large gray willow  and  Grey sallow .
Sprout of grey willow
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