Result photos
Amazingly beautiful flower. I'm not sure, but my field observation shows that it might be  different stage of this (also beautiful) flower .
White flower with pink and purple stamen
Very tiny mushroom (less than half of inch height!) on the meadow made of the moss.
Tiny mushroom in the tiny world
Unidentified black butterfly.
Black butterfly
Very cute and funny green bug on the sprout.
Green bug on the sprout
I find it very cute - the bug and the butterfly met on the flower. I couldn't find what kind of butterfly is that one.
Meeting of butterfly and bug
The very beautiful flower. Probably a young one, while  the mature one looks even better . Wow.
White flower with pink stamen
Backside of  european Peacock  ( Inachis io ), also known as  Peacock butterfly  which feeds on unidentified purple flower. I guess his masking colors weren't that good... See also
Backside of european Peacock feeding on flower
Warm photo of unknown, orange flower with very interesting petals.
Unknown orange flower
Very tiny flowers of unidentified plant. The flower itself has diameter of 1-2 mm, the petals are relatively very small and looks like the duck's foot.
Late, tiny flowers
The non-native, decorative closeup of dark green/orange hairy grass seeds... Or however you call these fins of grass :)
Close-up of decorative grass seeds
Creeping plant* with red fruits, green leaves on the white stone background.   *  Cotoneaster horizontalis ?  Gaultheria procumbens /teaberry/checkerberry/boxberry/American wintergreen? Please, contact me, if you know what's that, even if you aren't sure.
Creeping plant with red fruits
Unidentified grass turns dry.
A bunch of decorative grass
The big unidentified tree turns yellow.  I had to stand about 40 meters away from it and still I had to take 6 photos.
The old great tree
Unknown lichen on the tree
Red flowers blossom on the bush
Unknown red fruit on the tree
Unidentified ant
Red leaves sprouts on the tree
Dream-alike reddish/brownish moss.
Dream-alike brown moss
Bumblebee closeup
Closeup of unknown plant
Unidentified white flower
Unidentified spider on the leaf.
Fluffy spider on the leaf
Cute bug on the sprout. See also the photo of the same bug:  Bug hiding behind the sprout .
The cute yet flat bug
The red larva (?) on the decaying leaves, next to anthill.
Red larva on the decaying leaves
Little, cute, yet not fluffy spider checking out the neighborhood.
Spider on the decaying leaf
Unidentified bug hiding behind the sprout. See also  The cute yet flat bug .
Bug hiding behind the sprout
Closeup of young sprout, probably unidentified forever.
Closeup of young sprout
Unidentified black bug with white spots on the sprout.
Black bug with white spots
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