Result photos
The three stages of flowering of  viper's bugloss  ( Echium vulgare ), also known as  blueweed . Pinkish-red one is just blossoming, pinkish-blue is the mature one and apparently the road of life has ended for a brown one.
Viper's bugloss - three stages of flowering
The  staghorn sumac  ( Rhus typhina  syn.  R. hirta ) is changing its colors - every shade from green to deep, dark red. The colder, leaves only, but still colorful photo from the same session  can be found here .
All shades of the staghorn sumac
The fruits of the  dog rose  ( Rosa canina ) with the blue sky in the background.
Fruits of the dog rose
The very beautiful flower. Probably a young one, while  the mature one looks even better . Wow.
White flower with pink stamen
Warm photo of unknown, orange flower with very interesting petals.
Unknown orange flower
Close-up of  brown knapweed  ( Centaurea jacea ), also known as  brownray knapweed .
Close-up of brown knapweed
The leaves of the  staghorn sumac  ( Rhus typhina  syn.  R. hirta ) are changing colors during the early autumn. See also  the even more colorful photo taken during same photosession .
Staghorn sumac changing its color
Very tiny flowers of unidentified plant. The flower itself has diameter of 1-2 mm, the petals are relatively very small and looks like the duck's foot.
Late, tiny flowers
The lady or  denseflower mullein  ( Verbascum densiflorum;  also known as  dense-flowered mullein )? The lady-alike look (tall, with skirt from leaves, head and a few hands) of the mullein was a important part of Slavic folklore. This photo isn't good, but I decided to share it, as the look of the plant is flawless.
The lady or denseflower mullein?
The non-native, decorative closeup of dark green/orange hairy grass seeds... Or however you call these fins of grass :)
Close-up of decorative grass seeds
Autumn intensifies! Yellow-oragne-greenish tree leaves lighted by a warm, late sun on the beautiful blue sky. How I wish it could be daily like that. It was 16°C (61°F) here, so quite hot as for such late season.
The autumn color punch
Creeping plant* with red fruits, green leaves on the white stone background.   *  Cotoneaster horizontalis ?  Gaultheria procumbens /teaberry/checkerberry/boxberry/American wintergreen? Please, contact me, if you know what's that, even if you aren't sure.
Creeping plant with red fruits
Unidentified grass turns dry.
A bunch of decorative grass
The big unidentified tree turns yellow.  I had to stand about 40 meters away from it and still I had to take 6 photos.
The old great tree
Dry fruit of  jimsonweed  ( Datura stramonium ), also known as  thornapple ,  Devil's snare ,  moon flower ,  hell's bells ,  devil’s trumpet ,  devil’s weed ,  tolguacha ,  Jamestown weed ,  stinkweed ,  locoweed ,  pricklyburr , and  devil’s cucumber .
Dry fruit of jimsonweed
Unknown lichen on the tree
Dream-alike reddish/brownish moss.
Dream-alike brown moss
Detail of  eastern groundsel  ( Senecio vernalis ).
Detail of eastern groundsel
Closeup of unknown plant
The seed of  common dandelion  ( taraxacum officinale ), also known as  Taraxacum sect. Ruderalia   .
The seed of taraxacum officinale
Closeup of young sprout, probably unidentified forever.
Closeup of young sprout
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